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A Message from Our CEO:

Thank you for visiting us. Flagship Premium Food Group is a diversified food company, but at our core we are so much more. We are a collaboration of people, bold ideas and the enduring desire to serve our community with the high quality products we believe in. We emphasize the word serve because we believe that serving is a privilege, and it is our driving purpose.

As CEO of Flagship Premium Food Group, I can truly say that it is an honor to lead this organization. Over the years we have seen growth in every aspect of our business, from our employees, to our product line and market presence. And the most exciting fact remains; it is only the beginning.

Our tag line “Join In Our Passion” is exactly what we mean. We have a passion for creating, developing, and launching great products. So, come join us on our journey.

Gary S. Lim
Chief Executive Officer
Flagship Food Group

Join in Our Passion!

The Flagship journey began in 2012 with the merging of multiple companies within Creo Capital Partners portfolio. Through years of hard work, determination, and collaboration with great partners, Flagship has grown into a global, diversified food business serving virtually every major U.S. retailer and consistently growing its base of innovative, good-for-you, and bold food products. Today, Flagship markets multiple brands in the premium, value, and Hispanic food categories and operates ten facilities across the U.S.

Over $100 Million in Branded Sales

Today, Flagship’s Lilly B’s™ brand provides 100% organic food products that people love to eat and serve to their families . TJ Farms® and TJ’s Premium brand is a wide-ranging collection of food products sold in over 40,000+ retail outlets providing great quality products. The Hatch Kitchen brand delivers the bold authentic flavors of the Southwest and is one of our fastest growing brand in the portfolio. Flagship’s Steak ‘n Shake® brand of appetizers and sauces is sold across the country.

Valued Private Label Partner

Flagship has always had a focus on innovation, and that shines through in its relationships with major retailers that seek R&D-focused supply partners. Flagship has developed dozens of on-trend, highly successful private label offerings for the most coveted and successful private label lines in the country.

Industry Services

Flagship has developed a complete line of services for other food companies to help drive their bottom lines. From innovative, turn-key packaging design and printing solutions to out-sourced transportation and warehouse services, Flagship works with some of the country’s leading food manufacturers.

Becoming an Industry Leader

Using a “acquire and build” strategy, Flagship has successfully brought multiple businesses together under a single enterprise with the objective of providing a wide range of services and products to the industry that we love – food. Our divisional businesses continue to enjoy an entrepreneurial environment and we continue to foster relationships with companies both big and small. On a corporate level, we have the resources, talent pool, and breadth to be a reliable, long-term partner with our customers and suppliers.

Gary Lim, CEO
Gary Lim
Chief Executive Officer
Tyler Smith, CFO
Tyler Smith
Chief Financial Officer
Shawn Funderburg, VP Sales
Shawn Funderburg
Vice President, Sales/Marketing
Dale Etter
Dale Etter
Vice President, Sales
Mitch Griffin
Mitch Griffin
Vice President, Sales
Scott Schwartz
Scott Schwartz
Vice President, Sales